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We are authors of the scalable telemedicine solution connecting medical specialists with patients and their families. Medically certified devices developed by us enable mensuration of the patient's vital parameters (ECG, blood pressure, position and other) and their 24/7 supervision by qualified doctors and medical specialists. Circadian data register is often the only possible way to detect some anomalies and provides psychical comfort for patients and their families.


Multimedia shooting range

System developed by us is complete and proven solution of shooting training. Aim of the laser system is reconstruction of sensations experienced by the apprentice during training with use of acute weapon while eradicating high ammunition outlay. The system enables registering and analising apprentices' scores to optimize learning proccess. The product is fully Polish and is the culmination of B+R 3-years-work.

Strzelnice multimedialne

Sensory system

Sensory systems are a combination/fusion of mechanic and electronic elements with software modules implementing the algorithms responsible for the registration and visualisation of the obtained information. The data stream is transmitted over the arterial road to the autonomic circuit, and wirelessly to the operator with the aim to increase the commander's situational awareness. The sensory system can also be integrated with commercially available solutions.

Układy sensoryczne

Unmanned objects

Unmanned object are gaining importance thanks to the remote or autonomic realisation/implementation of activities in remote locations and, very often, dangerous conditions. Distinguished are land crafts, aircrafts, vessels and submarines. Our team has a comprehensive experience in the field of constructions of such vehicles, its control, wireles and secure data transmition and implementation of software on both low and high level. Additionally, our company specializes in distribution of mechanical parts and electronic components used for UAV construction and development.

Wsparcie dowodzenia

Command support

Our prioprietary developed network-centric digital microsystem, combined with the SWD-class software enables integration of existing subsystems together with the control and attractive visualisation of the collected data. This system not only allows the integration between the administratory modules, but also the control over unmanned objects and vision surveillance.

Wsparcie dowodzenia

Video surveillance

We are competent in designing and implementation of video surveillance systems with the use of leading manufacturers video cameras, our proprietary designed software and solid experience in such practices. We secure mass events and buildings and critical infrastructure facilities.

Nadzór wizyjny

Znane są tysiące sposobów zabijania czasu, ale nikt nie wie jak go wskrzesić.

Our mission

Our mission is to implement the most innovative technologies based on polish engineering solutions and ideas, together with engineering researches conducted by polish universities and research institutions. Our top qualities are our best-performed individual approach to each and every customer what is supported by full commitement of our specialists in the field of implementing innovative technologies.

Misja naszej firmy


We believe that the best ideas are created during a sincere cooperation, that is why we are actively working with the largest R&D units in the country. What is more, we are engaged in a variety of activities on behalf of the technology's development, protection of the environment and we support the public use organisation campaign.


We work with the following units:

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